May 24, 2017

Future Advertisements Will Require User Feedback

User Feedback to Ads

Looking forward, the trend and precedent has already been set by some YouTube advertisements that requiring user feedback to complete an ad view in order to proceed to a user’s desired content is not only being considered, but tested and put into practice. What I envision are two types of advertisement user feedback.

Ad User Feedback Type One: Survey-like Questions

The first type will be what we’re already seeing on YouTube, essentially a survey like question regarding your shopping habits, brand awareness, or lifestyle choices. For instance, regarding shopping habits, questions about how often you shop online, or how often you order delivery food. Regarding brand awareness, questions about which competing brands you purchase, or perhaps how often you see advertisements from a particular brand. Regarding lifestyle choices, questions about how often you vacation, or whether or not you choose to eat organic.

Ad User Feedback Type Two: Upvote / Downvote

This type of user feedback will be simple, provide a thumbs up or a thumbs down. As an advertiser, this will more than likely come with the option of whether or not you’d like to display a particular ad any further to a user who has voted down your ad. This will provide incredible power to advertisers as far as gauging whether an ad is succeeding or not, as well as the ability to adapt their advertisements when they see that their ads are not being well received.

Additionally, I’m sure advertising networks will also discover a mechanism (or many mechanisms) to further leverage a thumbs up from a user. Off the top of my head, I thought of displaying an email capture field, or perhaps a text area to type feedback into. Taking this a step further, perhaps advertisers will be able to offer discounts or coupon codes to a user who has given their ad a thumbs up (along with a link to where they can go to take advantage of that discount).

How do you think the future of online advertisements and user feedback will evolve in years to come?

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